Digital change has encompassed the automotive industry for a while now. This also affects vehicle sales and the aftersales business. How fast new challenges are trained in the sales department and implemented real-world has become an important measure for general success in sales.

Digital live training


Digital live training combines the advantages of tried and tested classroom training with the new technical possibilities of the digital world.

promotor CAMPUS is the leading digital teaching and learning platform in Germany for real-world topics in the automotive industry. Car dealers, sales assistants and service managers acquire and train new practical automotive knowledge live and interactively.

All new learning experience in virtual classroom


Directly after login our participants are lead to their personal virtual classrooms. There they are connected live with other participants from all over Germany in small intensive study groups.

Automotive training und coaching


Each live training is presented and chaired by professionally and didactically highly qualified and experienced trainers – just like you have come to expect from our traditional classroom training. Naturally, our time-tested maxim “Real-world experience for real-world application“ holds true for digital learning, too.

Digital live video training with promotor CAMPUS offers multiple advantages:


1. Comfortable access from your PC at home or at work
2. Binding schedules, training start guaranteed
3. Tried and tested teaching methods and learning structures with professionals who have hands-on experience
4. Virtual classroom
5. High-resolution transmission from the virtual CAMPUS studio
6. Multiple opportunities to interactively engage all participants
7. Adaptable corporate styles


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Multiple use for participants and brand


Participants of our digital live training profit in various ways from our offer:

  • No long travel times, i.e. less time missed at work. In other words: saving time!
  • As binding as classic classroom training– thanks to, among other things, scheduled time frames participants reserve exclusively for studying unlike typical e-learning (by video download), which is frequently done “by the by”. Digital live training, on the contrary, obliges participants to keep a place (wherever it may be), time (schedule) and structure, all of which are important factors for sustainable, reliable learning achievements.
  • Our virtual classroom offers many of the advantages of the digital world. Participants have access to additional digital teaching materials.They can e.g.  revisit or repeat seminars or certain training contents, if necessary. They can also access presentations, texts or exercises to consolidate what they have learned. And just like they might in a real classroom our participants can take a pen or a piece of chalk, interact for all present to see or take part in learning checks.

Training with the best


For our digital live training we work with didactically well-versed trainers who have a great deal of experience in the field and act authentically. They guide the session, provide questions and are available live should there be any queries. This reduces misunderstandings to a minimum right from the beginning and ensures that participants can be lifted to a similar level – something that is essential for making future learning achievements visible.

Online live training – from experience for practice


With the launch of promotor CAMPUS we are for the time being chiefly reflecting automotive topics. Currently we are focussing on topics such as professionalizing the used-car business or changing important business processes in the face of the new European General Data Protection Regulation.

Your contacts for promotor CAMPUS are:

Kai Jastram

+49 (0) 6105-4098-60