promotor has been at home in the training and consulting business for more than 40 years. We grew up with the automotive industry, yet we are also familiar with other industries and business areas.

Training, coaching, consulting or dealer net development? Whatever the issue, we focus on pragmatic, hands-on solutions, innovative, sustainable and individual concepts for our customers. Passion for the job and respect for our customers are what make us stand out.

Every day we look for and work on finding new solutions to create added value for our customers and exceed expectations. Measurable results are a given for us, but it is people and their enthusiasm for product and brand that are our main concern. To see the big picture while keeping an eye on detail. That is how we raise the bar with our customers, so we can finally vault it together.


Customers don’t buy a drill, they buy the hole in the wall – a new way to think about segmentation

Jobs-to-be-done theory – Eckard Böhme

Eckart Böhme was head of Microsoft’s international training development in Edmond, USA for many years. Since his return he has been looking at ways to implement the jobs-to-be-done theory.

This theory was developed by Clayton Christensen, a leading thinker of innovative management and Harvard Business School professor. At present, many enterprises are acting on the assumption that the market is segmented according to demographic customer characteristics and corresponding product features.

The novel view: The customer has a job that needs to be done. He chooses the product or service best suited to do that job. This can mean that the competitor of a Harley Davidson won’t be Honda, but an electric guitar.

The interesting question, then, is to find out the following: What is the job the customer wants done?

We are presently evaluating interviews conducted with our customers and are looking forward to the results as well as the tasks (the jobs-to-be-done).

360 °-Service Analysis: More revenue and increased customer satisfaction in service

The workshop and its service team constitute one of the main bases of revenue in a car dealership. These higher earning opportunities should, however, be used in the best possible and an individually adapted way. Each dealership is unique and faces its own special challenges. Strengths and weaknesses are distributed differently.

And this is where the promotor 360 °-service analysis comes in. Our health check is customized for the dealership and analyses all important workshop processes and that way uncovers important unused potential. As for implementation, we focus on the three most important points in the workshop process of the respective dealership and define measurable goals in cooperation with all concerned.

Our coaches have many years of hands-on experience in Aftersales and give result-oriented support to make the most of hidden potential.

We would be happy to develop a suitable coaching concept for you. The classic way with on-site coach visits, completely digital via the promotor Campus, or as a combination of both – it’s up to you!

he so-called Diesel crisis – an opportunity for those who know how to deal with and make the most of it


Used cars are and are going to remain an important source of revenue for car dealers.

If you don’t run your used-car business professionally, you may find yourself facing great financial risks. Too many stock days, accruals for losses and allowances can be frustrating for the dealer and put the new-car business at risk. Not to mention customer satisfaction when trade-ins become a problem for the customer.

Back in April 2017 we adjusted our consulting concept to a challenging used-car situation. The goal: All dealerships professionally advised by promotor make good money with used cars – come what may.

The figures speak for themselves: Contrary to the overall trend in Germany, average stock days for both petrol and diesel cars have decreased and gross revenue has increased. It is the same as always in consulting: There is no such thing as the average. Every business partner has opportunities as well as risks in the used-car business, right now the important thing is to make the most of the former.

The basic concept necessary to do just that takes the individual situation of the dealership into account and comprises different strategies. The success factors are always the same:

  • A professional used-car consultant
  • Digital analyses of stock and lead times
  • Develop a local/regional strategy for additional purchases
  • Prompt and professional used-car processes and procedures in the dealership
  • Good cooperation between the technical divisions/departments in the dealership
  • Early involvement of the customer (private and commercial)
  • Don’t alienate customers and stall trade-ins, but have solutions in store
  • National and international sales concepts– digital and analogue (e.g.
  • Realistic pricing
  • A short-term release of capital and a long-term revenue strategy with minimal no. of stock days
  • Additional purchases of fast-turning merchandise
  • Long-term rentals and short-term rental concept
  • Optimal volume

Interested in more information about our consulting strategie? Please contact us! We are pleased to give you advice and support.



E-Mobility Germany / China Lecture Series Xing Lai (Awakening)

Together with Christian Heep, vice president of BEM, and supported by Automechanika Frankfurt, promotor’s managing director Andreas Serra was able to present e-mobility developments in China and Europe in various talks given in China.

In these talks Christian Heep assumes the role of the German e-mobility advocate with profound, consolidated knowledge, while Andrea Serra represents the interests and possibilities of the car manufacturers. This results in a highly interesting talk that elaborates the differences in services, products and markets between Europe and China. Where do the challenges lie, what is required and how could it work? You can watch and download the pdf here – without the interesting discussion, though.


promotor Executive Change Coach

In January 2018 promotor is going to start its new training programme “promotor Executive Change Coach”. We are looking forward to an exciting week with those of our trainers, employees and partners who have already signed up for the training. With this training course, we are living up to our standard that our customers can always rely on the latest know-how with promotor. Interested? We will be glad to reserve a place for you. For further information please contact:


High additional revenue thanks to a professional used-car business in the dealership

Used-car training, used-car consulting and power coaching have been core promotor topics for decades. The latest consulting results from approx. 250 consultations have just come in and they speak for themselves. Optimal utilisation of digital sales as well as channels for distribution and additional purchases supported by improved processes and procedures are having an impact. See for yourself:

For further information please contact:


Cooperation with – customer satisfaction, increased revenue and faster processes and procedures in the dealership

Together with the AUTO1 Group we are developing digital training and consulting offers for additional purchases and sales of used cars via The concept is to train fast digital processes as well as the best possible development of the huge international market place. To mention but three topics: What kind of/which vehicles do I purchase in addition? How can I integrate these new channels into new car sales? What can we learn from Amazon for our dealership?

For further information please contact:


E-Mobility – 2017 significantly better than 2016


Autumn 2017: Diesel gate, IAA (International Automobile Fair) and general elections in Germany! Manufacturers who – at least for the time being – are getting away with software solutions, cheated customers, dealers left out on a limb, citizens whose health has been impaired, drivers of diesel-powered vehicles fearing bans on driving, an International Automobile Fair to make you cringe with vicarious embarrassment as far as e-mobility is concerned, and an election campaign in which most political parties continue to support diesel engines. About registrations …

Note on Registrations:
The following statistics are based on a definition of “electric vehicle” according to which solely mass-production vehicles with a purely electric range of more than 50 kilometres are considered. The result represents a cross-model overview of registrations of purely electric and hybrid passenger vehicles in Germany.

The chart shows the registration period January to August 2017.
Market leader from January to August 2017 was the Audi A3, S3 with 3,277 units and a market share of 14.69%, followed by the Renault Zoe with 3,266 new registrations and a market share of 14.64% and the BMW i3 with 2,623 new registrations and a market share of 11.76%. The Kia Soul with 1,728 new registrations and a market share of 7,75% has replaced the Mitsubishi Outlander in position 4.

Top 10 Registrations of Electric Passenger Vehicles (Germany) Jan. – Aug. 2017

2017 significantly better than 2016!

New registrations of electric passenger vehicles in total (Germany) 2016/2017

July and August 2017 show a significant drop in new registrations.

New registrations of electric passenger vehicle (Germany) 2016/2017 per month

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Video Training – get information to the dealerships fast and nation-wide

Topics such as diesel, European emission standards and bans on driving are increasingly dominating the media causing uncertainty and insecurity among customers and dealers alike. Results are a reluctance to buy as far as customers are concerned and shrinking revenue for the dealers. That explains why, despite a positive development of the overall market, many dealers are facing risks threatening their very existence. Link to a poll conducted during the automobile week.

promotor is looking closely into the subject and is preparing suitable online trainings.

  • Proper rationale in reference to diesel
  • Risk evaluation of the used-car stock and the return of leased diesel vehicles

Dealership staff have to stand firm like a rock and reassure confused and nervous customers with crystal-clear, well-founded information in order to make a deal these days.

Living Change!

“Living change!” was the motto when promotor invited its team, its trainers, coaches and consultants to exchange ideas on future challenges in the automotive industry. The team deliberately wanted to bow out of day-to-day business and adjourn to the Mainz Atrium Hotel to take the time to think, to discuss and exchange ideas, to plan, to be together.

What are the challenges the automotive industry, promotor’s customers and, thus, promotor itself will be facing in the next years, where is the market, where are we headed?

The event began with dinner together, a chance for “old” colleagues to meet again and for “new” ones to introduce themselves. Reminiscences of projects carried out together and anecdotes from old times showed clearly that promotor and its partners are and have always been a good team! An optimal basis for joint work on new strategies.

Download Documentation coach meeting 2017

Photo Gallery from promotor coach meeting 2017


E-Mobility in Germany – 2016 a weak year!

Despite an environmental bonus, 2016 was a weak year for e-mobility in Germany with all in all even less new e-registrations than in 2015. While there seems to have been a slight increase in September thanks to the environmental bonus, this was quick to peter out in the following months.

In the meantime, China is going the whole hog, its smog problem demanding action. To this end a quota for electronic vehicles is planned for the near future. From as soon as 2018, 8% of any vehicles sold in China will have to be e-powered, 10% from 2019 and 12% from 2020. Should manufacturers fail to comply, they will have to reduce production or buy credit points from other car manufacturers. China is an important market for German manufacturers.

Compared to those measures, an environmental bonus seems more like a statement of intent for an emission-free future. Then again, it isn’t smog that is the biggest issue for Germans in this context. It is, among other things, the fact that in Germany to date 5 million jobs directly or indirectly depend on combustion engines (petrol or Diesel). But all that has been said before and the change from petrol or Diesel to e-power won’t be happening tomorrow.

Interim result environmental bonus as per 01.01.2017

The Federal Office for Economic and Export Control (Bundesamt für Wirtschafts- und Ausfuhrkontrolle, BAFA) has presented a second interim result for the state of applications for an environmental bonus. According to this, a total of 9,023 applications had been placed as per 01.01.2017 (against 5,782 as per 31.10.2016). 5,192 (3,343) applications were made for entirely battery-powered e-vehicles, 3,892 (2,438) for plug-in hybrids and 2 (1) for fuel-cell vehicles.

The top 5 applications per manufacturer

Rank Manufacturer 31.10.16 01.01.17
1 BMW 1.702 2.592
2 Renault 1.126 1.658
3 Audi 700 1.188
4 Volkswagen 575 887
5 Mitsubishi 472 804

All in all, 4,403 individuals (3,078) and 4,461 companies (2,621) put in an application. The winner is the BMW i3 with a total of 1,567 (1,025) applications, followed by the Audi A3 with 1,188 (700) applications and the Renault Zoe Intens (with battery rent) with 899 (601) applications.

From: Elektromobilität (Umweltbonus) Zwischenbilanz zum Antragsstand vom 01. Januar 2017

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E-Mobility Knows neither Bounds nor Borders



The CAMM conference will take place during the Automechanika Shanghai – the 9th China Auto, Electronic and Electrical Appliances Industry & China Auto Meeting. The focus this year will be on new energy vehicles.

Together with BEM Vice President Christian Heep, Andreas Serra is going to present the situation of e-mobility worldwide in the Crown Plaza Shanghai. From facts and prospects a clear picture emerges, a picture in which China, surely in part due to its 5-year planning, is leading the number of e-registrations by far. What Europe has achieved in 5 years, China managed in one. For details please see attached pdf presentation in our free download.

We would like to thank our partner Automechanika for their invitation to Shanghai.

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The Commercial Vehicle Business – Profitable/Cash Cow through Specialisation

promotor has been writing different articles on automotive topics for the trade journal “autohaus” for over 10 years.

This time our Managing Director Andrea Serra is describing the business opportunities as well as the corresponding specifications a professional CV business offers dealerships. For selling CV’s is not just any sale, and service for CV not just any service.

Have fun reading – and success implementing. We will be happy to assist you with our expertise.

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E-Mobility and Business Leadership

In cooperation with the Bundesverband mittelständische Wirtschaft (Association of Medium-sized Companies) and Tesla Motors, the Crestcom Leadership Schools Germany and promotor hosted an event out of the ordinary.

With the slogan “Steering is for the captain / the boss’ prerogative” 30 company leaders from Hesse were given the opportunity to steer a Tesla. Interesting and informative talks on the topics “e-mobility” and, true to the slogan, “Steering of enterprises and business leadership” completed an impressive driving experience.



E-Mobility – Environmental Bonus is not taking off!

In our article last June, we were still hoping for exciting registration figures for July and August, but today we must admit: figures are anything but … The environmental bonus is not taking off! According to the Federal Office for Economic and Export Control (Bundesamt für Wirtschafts- und Ausfuhrkontrolle, BAFA) just 3,027 applications for a bonus were registered by the end of August, equalling 0.8% of the sum total available!

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E-Mobility 2016 – Try again

With 20,957 new registrations, 2015 wasn’t a glorious year, especially compared to international standards. And 2016 has started off sluggishly! In January, there were just 1,055 new registrations while there was a slight increase in February with 1,515. Reluctance to buy might be due to potential customers waiting for details on the bonus for purchasing an electric vehicle announced by the Federal Government. Moreover, fuel costs are at an all-time low. On the other hand, 2015 didn’t really start off much better with 1,142 new registrations in January and 948 in February.

These statistics are based on a definition of what constitutes an “electric vehicle”. Under this definition, only production vehicles with a purely electrical range of at least 50 km are included, resulting in cross-brand registration statistics of entirely e-powered and hybrid vehicles in the sector passenger cars for Germany..

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Inspired and competent members of staff are key to your success!

That is why promotor training focusses on people. Our training contents are developed together with you and are thus always customised for you. Our solutions fit you, your enterprise and your staff.

promotor trainers understand and live the topics they train. Professionally and technically they work at eye level with their participants.

Together we ensure your success with inspiring and professional training of your staff.


Your challenges are our challenges!

promotor consultants are highly specialised with sound experience in the field and in leadership. Together with you we analyse your processes and procedures and find optimisation opportunities. We include every member of staff involved in the process, as people live changes they helped to design. The tools and systems for process analysis developed by us can be adapted to individual needs. Together with you we record any relevant business data, make progress measurable and reveal your potential. The resulting measures are customised for you.

Our success is your success!


Coaching is no training!

Coaching signifies to hold the mirror up to someone and assist them in finding their own way. So, no lectures, this is all about dialogue. Promotor coaches are perfect “mirror holders” – with constructive feedback, strictly honest and professionally and technically sound. They have practical experience and coach your employees and CEO’s based on this expertise.

Coaching is guidance!



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